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Urgent Care And Walk-Ins

First Response Urgent Care

Urgent Care located in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

First Response Urgent Care is an urgent care practice located in Brooklyn, New York. They offer comprehensive urgent care services with features that include a nuclear lab for fast, accurate diagnosis, and a world-class team of physicians who focus on your care.

Urgent Care and Walk-Ins Q & A

Do I Need an Appointment?

Patients do not need an appointment. The First Response Urgent Care practice accepts walk-ins. Patients can request an appointment on the online appointment setting tool, or they can call directly at 1-718-395-6444 for urgent care.

Does First Response Urgent Care Handle Emergency Situations?

Yes, there is an emergency room which is separate from the urgent care. The urgent care unit focuses on situations which are medically important but not life-threatening. In the urgent care, First Response treats routine and urgent situations, such as headaches, mild asthma, cough, cold, sprains, and even broken bones. The First Response Urgent Care emergency room treats life-threatening situations.

What if I Need an X-ray?

First Response Urgent Care has a full nuclear lab which includes x-ray and other diagnostic services. The radiology unit uses a modern digital x-ray which is faster and more accurate. The image is read by one of the First Response Urgent Care board-certified physicians, which are trained in reading x-rays, right in the urgent care. They also have a board-certified radiologist available. Thanks to digital technology, First Response Urgent Care can send your x-ray directly to their radiologist for second opinions. This form of x-ray allows for faster and more accurate diagnosis of fractures, sprains, and even pneumonia.

Does First Response Urgent Care See Pediatric Clients?

The Urgent Care unit offers care and services to people of all ages, including infants, toddlers, and children. All doctors in the urgent care unit receive special training to treat infants and children so you know your baby is always in great hands here. First Response Urgent Care treats coughs, colds, flu, ear infections, the diagnosis and treatment of fevers, annual flu shots, physicals, and back-to-school boosters.

Are DOT Drug Screenings Provided?

First Response Urgent Care is a preferred provider for DOT drug screenings for all Department of Transportation jobs including aviation, truck driving, and railroads. They offer confidential and professional screenings that are accurate, secure, and within the guidelines set by DOT.

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