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Birth control is a highly personal choice, and the team at First Response Urgent Care in Brooklyn, New York is here to help each person determine what will work for their life and their specific needs.

Birth Control Q&A

How do Birth Control Pills Work?

Birth control pills are taken orally once a day for pregnancy prevention. This type of contraception works by continually releasing small amounts of hormones into the body, which prevents ovulation. Most birth control pills are a combination of estrogen and progestin, but the "mini pill" has progestin only. Birth control pills can be highly effective -- over 99% effective with perfect use. However, human error often reduces the effectiveness rate. Forgetting a dose or taking pills on an erratic schedule will greatly lower the effectiveness.

How Does the Birth Control Shot Work?

The birth control shot (Depo-Provera) is injected every 3 months for pregnancy prevention. When Depo-Provera is injected at the ideal times, it will prevent pregnancy 94% of the time.

How Does the Birth Control Patch Work?

The birth control patch uses estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancy. A small adhesive bandage is re-applied weekly. If the birth control patch is used precisely as directed, it's about 99% effective. However, human error like improper application or application at the wrong times lowers the effectiveness considerably.

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